Saturday, December 28

In A Twinkle Of An Eye...Or Maybe in a Heartbeat...

And it’s over! Just like that…in a few fleeting hours…twice around the clock and we’re reduced to another year passed and another Christmas behind us. All the pre-Christmas hype and preparation and within the mere span of twenty-four hours…1,440 minutes…it’s over, done. It is now merely a memory in our minds. Now we stumble around munching on every left over in the house, awaiting the ball’s dropping on New Year’s Eve. Many will go out and get plastered, drive and get caught weaving all over the highway, being a potential death warrant to some innocent person not smart enough to stay off the road that evening. Some will merely be a fixture around the porcelain lover as they hug it and call its name while hovering over it, clinging to it for dear life. They will call its name into the wee hours of the morning; O’Rourke…O’Rourke…O’Rourke…until they are reduced to a mass of drunken left-over’s of the years past failure.

Some will simply go to a restaurant…close by home…early in the evening…have a nice dinner and no booze, only to return home as a couple, early…before those drunks make themselves either cop targets or vehicular executioners. No this couple will beat the drunks home, happy to be alive and together, as they await the New Year’s new challenges toward life. That my friends will be Vick and I. We have reservations for 6:30 at the little restaurant down the road about two miles…where we will dine quietly…together and then return home to relax and spend the evening with one another…not in the bottom of a bottle. Hopefully our Wednesday holiday dinner menu will be that of my Pennsylvania childhood tradition, consisting of pork and sauerkraut which is believed to bring good luck the rest of the year.

Thursday morning we will arise to a new year and new challenges in our of which being the farm and fiber store. We will begin advertising and dropping more and better flyers in conspicuous areas to draw more and more people into the store. We will critique our media sources and make better use of the internet to get our name and location out there for knitters and spinners to use our store as their favorite place to shop.

I view the coming year as an exciting adventure for our store…our farm…and for Vick and me also.
Thank God we made it through this year.....
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