Wednesday, December 11

Snow…No Snow…Go…No Go…Some fun, We’re Done…

Yes, yesterday morning we got up early…seven thirty to be exact and called a guy about fire wood. We waited for the guy in Valatie to call back to see if it was okay to go there to pick up a half cord of red oak and locust firewood. He said to come and if he wasn’t there, his woman would be. Vick did really well at being in the truck and running down the road at 7:45, because she is not a morning person, but she was yesterday morning! The guy told us to come into Hudson and then take 9H all the way to his place. WOW…was that the long way for us. After loading the wood and paying the girl for it, we left and had breakfast in Valatie, at the Main Street Café. It’s a really nice little diner that makes some pretty good looking dinner dishes…and their breakfast was delicious. Leaving there, we headed north on route 9 until we reached I-90 and crossed over the Castleton-on-Hudson bridge and caught I-87 to Coxsackie. It was probably half the distance home that it was getting there. If we go for any more wood, we’ll go back that way!

When we were almost in Coxsackie, it started to snow pretty heavy and by the time we got home, there was a half inch of snow on the ground and it was rapidly falling. We had just talked about whether Josh would come or not, when the phone rang. It was Josh and he was calling to cancel until this morning what he would have done yesterday. It didn’t really make any difference, because we would be home today anyway since the farrier was coming to trim the donkey’s hooves. Since Josh was not coming yesterday…and it stopped snowing ten minutes later, we hopped into the car and headed to Shop-Rite for groceries.

When we returned home, I saw I had won an eBay auction for a spinning wheel from Lithonia. That and ten spinning wheel flyers I also won last week from Lithonia will give me a good start at making and repairing spinning wheels for the farm and fiber shop.

Later, I phoned a guy in Washington County who is selling me a wood lathe. That lathe will make it possible to make the wooden parts and pieces I need for repairing spinning wheels. I think I will also manufacture old style spinning wheels to sell in the yarn and fiber shop. I’ll sell them along with swifts I’ll make and fiber combs, lazy Kates, carding paddles and anything else I might find to make and offer out there. I suppose I’ll pick up a used scroll saw somewhere along the line and a tool for making wood threads and wooden nuts and then I’ll be able to manufacture anything I need.  

This morning at dawn was frigidly cold…about 20° or so, but there was a dead calm that only occurs on winter mornings, just before daylight. It’s as if the world has been dead all night long and it is only now…in the dawning light, going to come back to life. The steam from your breath doesn’t eve rise, but instead just hangs about your face, as if it has nowhere in particular to go before simply fading away. The snow crystals glisten in the blue dawn light, making everything look like part of a winter wonderland. It is now that I wonder how hard it was for deer, rabbits and all the other wildlife, to lie still in their nests, conserving body heat until the warmth of the sun returns. I also wonder how much energy coyotes, fishers, foxes and other predators expend trying to find these prey animals. It’s actually an ugly world for animals in the winter. Not only could you be eaten…you could freeze trying to keep from being eaten.

Today I’ll try to hang the one ten by ten foot tarp over the tractor shed opening in the middle. That will close off two thirds of the shed, leaving only the actual tractor entry for last. I have the tarp, but I need to go to Lowe’s for a pipe and some other fittings to hang it so it can be opened. I have other pipe fittings and pipe to get also, so it will be an eventful trip to Lowe’s. Below are a few pictures Vick took last evening in the snow and mine this morning at daybreak.  

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