Wednesday, January 29

More Of The Same Is Different In The Same Way...

Thank God there are only three more days in January and only another twenty eight in February until we can claim to be peeking under spring’s skirt. This cold is slowly killing us down here on the farm. We can’t clean the barns because the doody is frozen to the floor and the chicken doo is like little frozen rocks. We must hang in there until we get a day of thawing so we can chisel to the bottom of the poop piles and get them out of the barn. The barnyard is totally another story! It will take most of the spring to get it cleaned up after this winter. The alpacas, Llama and donkeys continue to go and the mess gets bigger each day. The round bale I put in two Saturdays ago is over half gone already and the remainder of it that is scattered, along with the remains of the last two round bales litters the edge of the barnyard…near the fence. It cannot be bucketed over the fence because it is frozen down too.
I suppose folks down south are screaming this at the top of their lungs since places like Georgia has shut down. The entire freaking state has shut down over three inches of snow and cold temperatures. Now I’m not laughing at them you know…they just aren’t accustom to dealing with snow that far south and I heard that there are threats of snow as far south as Louisiana. Oh yeah…they get a night or two of temperatures near freezing, but this time it’s different. We just need to get over it and get on with spring 2014. SOON!
I finally got a pulley and belt for the band saw, so now I can mount a motor on the base, bolt the saw down and install the belt to get it running. I need to make an insert that goes into the two inch opening around the blade on the table, but I’ll make that out of Plexiglas and be done with it. They want $29.00 for the aluminum one from Craftsman.
I’m going to manufacture a glue press from joining planks to make the outer ring of the twenty-six inch wheels I will turn the hub on the lathe and then turn the spoke spindles and put the wheel together. I still need to acquire the steel axle material for the pitman and pick up the wood tap and die from Garrett-Wade. Soon we will be having fun spinning yarn on the first “Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm Spinning Wheel”.
I believe I’ll give the first one I produce to my sweetheart. I know she will cherish if forever…We’ll flood the site and blog with pictures as we move along toward fruition of this project.
On a sad note…some things will never be the same again, for an icon along the Hudson River is gone…and though his memory will remain throughout the ages, we too shall miss him throughout eternity. The great singer, song writer Pete Seeger has gone where many of the musical greats have preceded him. He was added to God’s golden band this week when he died at 94 years young. Boy, Vick’s Dad is sure playing with some greats in that golden band….
Now….if we could only get past this morning chill as the thermometer hovers at a sultry 0° outside...Brrrrrrrrrrr

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  1. Good luck to you with Spring nearly on its way!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. Thanks for your comment...and good luck to you too.


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