Tuesday, January 21

I never thought I would be without words to write down…

It’s been a week since I’ve posted…We’re busy, running, flustered and tired. Busy as always trying to assemble the tooling for the manufacturing of spinning wheels here on the farm. We’re constantly running…buying feed for the animals, picking up groceries, taking care of friend’s dogs and chickens, plus many, many other errands we just have to complete. We’re fluster with Obama care…Broke from trying to stay away from it and worried about taking the subsidies offered and becoming “beholding” to the government. All I can say is that we paid out $1200.00 for a plan and since January 1st…have been uninsured. No one can ever find any records…even though we have a policy number. This thing is so screwed up! At least we have enough meds to get to next month when our 3rd plan kicks in on the 1st. I just fear we will receive nothing for the $1200.00 we spent! Oh well, so far we are in better shape than a zillion other Americans who are required to have insurance and can’t afford it, but don’t qualify for the free stuff either. I feel sorry for them and can offer no logical explanation…Some had before, but not now and they are flustered also…I’m sure. I guess it will resolve itself in time…as soon as Vick can get through to someone on the phone. She is on the phone daily…for hours, listening to the same little musical ditty…not a song, just an annoying little jingle…and then after 20 minutes to an hour on hold, they hang up on you. We’re still trying…daily and will until the month runs out and our new MVP policy kicks in and our $1200.00 for a month of nothing is gone.
We’re tired…tired of all this worry and fussing, so we’re gonna put it all at God’s feet and let him take care of it.
I guess it’s just time to keep on keepin’ on…and looking forward to summer.

I got a band saw at the auction last Saturday night. It needs a motor and a few other things, but I can make the changes and corrections and will have it working in no time at all. It sits atop a manufactured box with Castor's for rolling it around, so it will be invaluable in the basement shop for cutting mainframes and wheels. I’ll make a few jigs to cut wheel bodies after gluing my boards together.
My lathe tools should arrive from eBay soon. They were shipped on Friday or Saturday…so a few more days and they should arrive. I also have a wheel coming from Lithuania I will use as a pattern. (if it ever arrives…I bought it on Dec. 10th and it’s nowhere in sight)     
I’ll try to be a little more regular with posts again. Honest…
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