Friday, January 3

Reflections of the past…ohh so far and near away…

We are now in the New Year and will begin the arduous task of writing 2014 once for every ten mistaken 2013 we write for the next six month. Hardly will we master writing the new year, before the 2015 year will begin and the cycle will happen all over again as it has for so many years that I can't remember not doing that.

Yesterday I was thinking about how fast the years fly by and I will wager that you would agree…especially the older you get…but, as I was pondering over this thought, a new thought came to my mind which stunned me somewhat.

I was thinking about how it seemed just yesterday that I was clearing snow from in front of the barn and other out buildings…and remembering the piles of snow and taking pictures of it all. Again I was marveling at how quick the year 2013 seemed to pass, for here we were…looking forward (or despising) the predictions of snow for today. While thinking about that, I further expanded upon my memory of things which happened just within the last year.

The destruction of our tractor shed and all the contents of it from the fire in early May immediately came to mind. Strangely, I struggled with the next thought that came to me. It seemed the fire had been so very long ago…seemingly longer than the (almost) eight months ago when it occurred, yet the snow of twelve months ago seemed like yesterday!

I then thought about my Mom who passed away in 2003…a full ten years ago and my Grandmother who died in 2000, a mere three years before my Mother, yet that seems like another lifetime, when my Mom seems like only a week or so ago.

Time is funny…

Many of my 62 years are either a blur or nonexistent all together.

It then occurred to me that we all distinctly remember things pleasant or devastating with great clarity…while things that are slightly important or appealing may be recalled as happening long ago and things of very little or no importance slip into the abyss of nonexistence altogether. 

It is too bad that bad experiences such as deaths or divorces don’t slip into the abysmal crevasse of recollection, but then I guess we would be relegated to repeat mistakes and would never experience the impact or significance in the loss of a loved one.      

I guess God has purpose for everything we experience.

Thank God I can still remember what I do…for it gets worse every day…Just ask Vick!

And now it has snowed…and snowed… and snowed some more. It started Wednesday evening while we were at our friend’s Phil and Shelly’s home for dinner, snowing all day yesterday, only stopping in the wee hours of this morning sometime. We got at lease twelve of the promised fifteen inches of snow fall and now it is blowing from the trees and drifting to some degree. With the temperatures hovering at 2° I doubt it will stop drifting as the snow will remain fluffy and dry frozen all day. At 8:30 this morning…the temperature was hanging at -8° and the dogs made a hasty retreat from their morning doody call! I will soon brave the cold to pick up the plow and make a quick plow job of opening up the driveway so we can exit if necessary. Brrrrr, I don’t even like thinking about it. The animals are all snuggled into the barns where they receive the best we can offer. Here are some of the pictures we took...the blue cast ones are Vick's from last evening, the last three were from this morning when I looked out front. We've definitely had worse snow falls in recent years...but this is bad enough with the wind chill at -25°......

 The morning after...

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