Friday, January 10

Working In A Building Full Of Positive the Karma of Cindy Brody...

We are in Woodstock this Cindy Brody's office where Vick is taking a Reiki class with Cindy. The room is full of such positive Karma and it's a comfy place for me to lounge and write my book or simply read my Kindle...whichever I feel like, but being her twice before and feeling the vibrations which sooth my chakra, I find it easy to read or write comfortably.
Vick loves the CinergE lessons she learned from Cindy some time ago, for animal communication and healing is of great importance to Vick and she has used it multiple times on our own animals on the farm and in the house.
The first time we met with Cindy, we brought Casey Mae and Snavely Mill here for a reading to find out why Casey had changed and exhibited such anxiety every time we left the house…as if she was scared to death and wanted to go with us. During the reading, we found there was a ghost in the house that was scaring Casey Mae. Cindy told us it was an old farmer from long ago who was mad about the property not being the way it was when he owned it as a farm. He was happier with us owning it, but still…even though it was now a farm again, it wasn’t the way he wanted it. Upon returning home, Vick talked to another clairvoyant friend of ours and she told Vick the man was a tenant master who owned a huge portion of the area around us and rented the land to other farmers who were almost slaves to him. He was so wicked that he never went to the light when he died and he kept all the other farmers from going to the light also. Jordan then expelled them all to the light and immediately afterward, Casey Mae began to act as she did before. It was simply amazing and the main reason Vick has become so involved with Cindy. Cindy wants to come to the farm this summer to visit with the animals and read them in their home turf. We will look forward to her visit and will probably have a cookout that day and invite Jordon to come too.
Below is another beautiful…one of Ellie Steffan’s, who is also an artist friend of ours from here in Woodstock. It is a beautiful painting, but not as beautiful as the one she gave us as a gift when we went to visit her at her gallery behind her house. That painting is displayed in our kitchen and we marvel at it every day when we see it.
 In Woodstock at Cindy Brody's for a Reiki Class Vick went to...
Where I work while Vick trains...Picture of dog by Ellie Steffen, another friend of ours.
A few of Cindy's clinics coming up...
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