Saturday, February 15

Ahhh…Finally snow is Falling…Down Here On The Farm…

Yes here we are again, looking out the window at snow. Consider we are looking at snow falling onto the less than one day old surface of the 36” we already got on the ground and you can imagine how very excited we are to see this snow falling!
At least it shouldn’t be too much today…maybe an inch or two and we can deal with that with little problem.
All we have to do is feed our friends chickens so she doesn’t have to travel twenty miles to do it herself. We can do it in minutes, so we gladly fill in for her on these ugly days.
We keep hearing horror stories about more snow…another 3-5”……another 16”…snow flurries. What’s right? What are we going to get? Is there another big one coming this coming week? They say so…They also say we will be in the forties by Wednesday of next week and flooding. WHO knows for sure?
Who cares? I sure don’t. I’ve dealt with this snow long enough that I just keep plowing and piling it up…spring is coming. That’s all I care about and just as you can’t keep it from snowing, you can’t keep spring from coming on the 20th…so why care about some snow today…gone tomorrow?
Below is a little video I shot as I was clearing snow from the emergency generator for the house and farm. You can see the 36” depth of the snow and it was still snowing as I videotaped the scene.
I went down this morning and installed the tailstock dead center and got it ready for the locking wedge to be cut. The one picture below shows where the wedge will go and what it will look like. As soon as I post this, I am going down to begin the work on that. The pictures show my progress to date.


More Later…
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