Friday, February 14

Nature, unmolested…We Cry One Way or the Other…

Here we are on Friday, February 14, 2014…Valentine’s Day!
Are we happy? Are you in a loving mood…or are we crying again? Blubbering and sniffling around about the cold and snow. Waaa, waaa, waaa…the snow…the snow…Why us…why here…why now? Waaa, waaa, waaa.
The snow is a result of living up north…its normal and to be expected. Get used to it or move south! (Not that it would do you much good right now…not even as far south as Georgia)
Sure we’re all tired of winter and would like to see an early spring, but remember…it’s still winter. Spring is over a month away yet…in fact its 35 day away.
Quit crying about the snow, because it is life giving water…the reservoirs depend on it and right now…they all need it badly! If not for the snow now, we would all be crying later this summer because of a water shortage and low reservoirs, with rationing in towns and cities. Embrace the snow…it is a gift of water in a form that will allow the water to say with us rather than running away down streams and rivers so fast that we cannot save any in our watersheds underground.
Besides, once you look beyond the inconvenience, you will see the beauty of winter. Below are pictures of the sight I was treated to this morning when I got up. Below that is a picture of my lathe project as I get nearer and nearer to turning my first flywheel for my first hand made spinning wheel. It will be my gift to Vick, of course…but for now, Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Upon trudging to the tractor shed, it was noted that we got 24" since last snow...on top of it, we now have 32" where it wasn't shoveled before. A sight to behold...

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  1. All the snow is beautiful. We probably didn't get and inch this go round.


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