Wednesday, February 12

The End Is In Sight…But At The Bottom Of The Snow…

Here we are, better than  of the way through February and going strong! Spring is almost in sight…just around the corner because its only thirty-seven days until spring 2014 formally arrives. Not so bad and certainly not so very far away now! Unfortunately…they are calling for anywhere from 3” to 18” of snowfall between here and New York City by Thursday into Friday. JUST WHAT WE NEED!!! Say it isn’t so…say it isn’t so. We want spring like weather. Let places like Butte Montana have these kinds of snows this late in the year.
Anyway, I began construction on my flywheel lathe last evening and below is a picture of my headway. The headstock is mounted and the head bolt in place. The bed rails are also finished and the tailstock leg in installed.

Today I will install the feet and gussets and then begin the adjustable tailstock and locking wedge. Stay tuned for pictures. Hopefully it will be completed by this evening and I can turn something on it. Pictures at eleven!  LOL
Vick hasn't been leaving any grass grow under her feet while I have been working on this either. She helped rearrange and clean up the basement area where I will be making the spinning wheels. She has been processing alpaca fiber day and night, trying to finish up two years worth of fiber and stained glass angel below.   

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