Sunday, February 9

Strangers In The Night or Just Those We Miss and Love...

I’ve been checking and rechecking the lumber in the basement for drying, but they don’t seem to be drying like they should. Vick then found the de-humidifier was not running and had frozen up at the bottom louvers where the air should either enter or exit from the coils. I checked it and found the drain hose plugged…and the catch container underneath filled and frozen at the top, (like the louvers just above it) so the float couldn’t shut the unit off and it froze up. Later in the evening, I drained and cleaned everything and got it running again, so the wood will probably dry quickly now. I can’t work in the basement today, unless Vick can stay in the kitchen to watch the shop for customers. I need to go over the shelves, reducing the clutter and removing un-needed things so I can remove two of the shelf units to the Wilson house to make room for the new lathe and band saw. Once in place and we get a break in the weather, we can drive up to pick up the special wood needed for the spinning wheels and I can make the first spinning wheel for Vick. After that, I will be manufacturing them full time.

Yesterday I got a call from Long Island…from a Business wanting to know if I could do web design work for them on a full time basis. Jeeze…Why not I thought and told the guy I would be happy to be a business associate of theirs if we can come to an agreement about protocol necessary to function between here and there without problems. We’ll see what comes of it and when...

Last evening I videotaped the living room around eight o’clock, while Vick was sleeping on the couch. She has become very in tuned with the spirit world in the last year, studying synergy (the working together of two or more healing abilities, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects) and Reiki, (an alternative medicine, or treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, and fatigue) which has sharpened her attentiveness of the spirit world around us all. Now I will inject here, that we have seen and felt presence in the house and about us since we have lived here, but Vick intuitiveness have increased to a point of actually corresponding with her spirit guides by dowsing with her pendulum. Both she and I have actually seen spirit presence in the house several times and now I believe we are seeing a form of it on the infrared cameras we installed within the house. It is not there all the time…usually showing up in the evening when the room is totally dark. (or with minimal light) They appear as bursts of light or dots of light streaming across the room…some slow, some fast…some in a straight line and some that fly straight, then hover a split second    and the swirl or shoot upward. One has even cork-screwed away, back in the direction it originally came from. Last evening, I did a video…you tell me. Vick will show Jordan Monday and Cindy Brody the next time we see her to see what she thinks. (Now before you say it’s reflections of light, be advised we closed the shades, turned all lights off and blocked the pellet stove so nothing was lighted at all! It happens with light on or off when it begins and then there are times all night long when it is absent and this is the only room it happens in)

Below is the video…

 At 08:02:48 you will see one coming toward you, it then loops around and up to the right before disappearing.
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