Friday, February 7

Another Day Another Snowstorm? Nah, The Coast Is Clear...

Its Friday morning…sunny and 1° above zero…a day after the storm and it looks like we’re in for smooth winter sailing for the next week to ten day with temperatures in the mid twenties to mid thirties. They are predicting a few snow showers…some on Sunday and a little rain and snow on Thursday with snow flurries next Friday, but no accumulation or severe crap. It sounds like a normal winter forecast for us as we head toward the middle of February, seeking March and spring which comes in another 41 days… on March 20th. Now that’s not that far away, is it?

I have not begun the construction of my wheel lathe, because the wood is still soaked and weighs a ton. I don’t believe it is a good idea to build it until the wood is dried and will not shrink and become loose at the joints. My wood tap and die set arrived yesterday from Garrett-Wade, so I’m ready to make the adjuster rod and nut assembly for the mother of all, to adjust the drive band. Although slow, things are coming together and I am going to begin manufacturing regular flyer spools and jumbo spools for sale both in the shop and on-line. (Pictures to follow soon)


We continue to work on the installation of the security system for the farm. Yesterday was shot clearing snow from everywhere we need to function. This morning we were awakened at seven by the propane company, complaining that they could not get to the propane tanks to fill them. I immediately thought, “Who the #*))%_$ delivers at this hour in the morning?”, only to realize a good company trying to supply propane for heat or cooking…pretty important if you are out! We told them we would have it opened up later this morning or early afternoon at the latest so they can return to fill our tanks.

Today I am going to mount the two outside cameras so we can see the driveway, barn, fiber shop and tractor shed. This will be the major installation we desired in the beginning and once installed and running, will allow us to access it on-line from anywhere we are by an IPhone app. All I have to do then is design and install an electronic audio sensor and alarm to send us a text message when the dogs are barking. We will then be able to monitor why they are barking and running around the house and where. We can see if they are at the door and if someone is out front. We will be able to do this from Vermont or where ever we are with phone service.
Ahhh, technology and peace of mind, all in one!   
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