Tuesday, February 4

Another Cleaning Day Amidst Construction & Installations…Down Here On The Farm...

Here we are in February…and I’m looking out the window at the thermometer hanging at 26° at noon. The sun is shining and it is calm…a beautiful winter day that could fool a person into thinking everything will remain that way for the entire day. HOWEVER…I know that behind the suns huge smile, old man winter is lurking and willing to give us a sucker punch in the stomach later today. They are calling for nasty weather starting this afternoon late…and by this time tomorrow, we could be garnering close to a foot or better of that nasty white crap again. NOT…what I wished to hear! Nor did any of our other friends want to see anymore of the white stuff as we await more spring like weather. I still think that lousy groundhog in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania needs to be terminated with vengeance and extreme malice.
Josh will arrive and we will do some cleaning and put out a new round bale of hay before the crap starts. I will then concentrate on cutting some wood for Vick to begin the creation of our newest product made here on the farm…A fiber blending board. It will be a lap held or table top carding board that will allow you to hand card and blend fiber quickly and easily…ultimately allowing rolags to be made for spinning. This removes the need for an expensive drum carder, giving you a good $600.00 reduction in your fiber processing tooling.   
I am also going to start building my wheel lathe for the manufacturing of the spinning wheels I am going to make. Keep watching because I am going to do a lot of pictures and some videos of the process.
It’s almost springtime and we’re going to fly into it with renewed enthusiasm this year! Keep watching because it’ll get real interesting soon.
Oh yeah…and just to keep things interesting, I’m working on three web sites and installing a six camera security system for the farm and fiber shop in my spare time too…  
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