Tuesday, April 1

April Fool is No Bull...We Don't Have To Do That...

Well, here we are on April 1, 2014 and I’ve already taken three calls about changing my electrical supplier…I’m so sick of this that I wouldn’t talk to one of these asses if they were giving electricity away! I get one to six calls each and every morning and by now, you’d think they would remove out phone number from the list, noting that there is a very belligerent, abusive and nasty old man at this residence. I suppose it is true, because if I could reach through the phone and yank his little butt into the room with me, it wouldn’t be pretty.
It’s now 9:47 and 38° outside with a mile high, beautiful blue sky, so I would say by noon, it will reach the high fifties as they have predicted. The lake should soon be thawed and open up for the enjoyment of the Canadian wild geese who have returned to begin their spring and summer occupation of our farm and pond. It’s nice to see them sitting on the ice, waiting for the thaw. It is the surest sign that spring has arrived and the foul weather will only be a daily event, if and when it happens now.
Yesterday I got all the remaining things needed to motorize the wheel lathe I made for turning spinning wheels in the basement.

I got the stuff yesterday, but felt miserable last evening when we finally finished up and settled in for the day…so I opted to feel lousy on the couch and dive into the lathe and turning the wheel today.

The KickStarter program is hanging in there and with the help of my stepson in Long Island, I seen to be picking up donor pledges and approaching the $2500.00 goal in need to get anything at all. Yes, I am now at $2,118.00 with ten donors supporting my project. I will motorize the lathe today and turn the wheel, getting Vick to video me doing that and post it as another update for all to see later today. The project is coming to life now and I will soon finish the outer wheel and begin turning spindles for the center of the wheel, along with a center hub. It won’t be long then before the spindle spokes and hub will be assembled and the flywheel will be done. I have until the end of this month to finish the flywheel. Stay tuned for updates, pictures and videos! 
I now have Ashford style Jumbo Bobbins for sale in the fiber shop and on eBay. They sell for $14.00 plus shipping and NY sales tax. See them at http://www.cluckinacritterfarm.com/cluckin_a_critter_farm,_llc_019.htm  And below.

The next parallel project will be the Kromski style bobbins, which I will begin manufacturing for sale as soon as I find a supplier for the odd sized bushings in them. Keep watching.
Below is a video I shot of Vick talking to Chester...her boyfriend. He runs up to her as soon as she goes outside and begs her to pick him up and carry him around. It's hilarious!!Next see what it is like for dogs during lunch...bowl to mouth...bowl to mouth...bowl to mouth...on and on until lunch is over or you give in and feed them some of yours!
Now I'm off to motorize the lathe...See ya later.
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