Thursday, March 27

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Man…Sometimes Get Laid Aside…

I was excited about getting the motor on the lathe…and figured I would pick it up yesterday since we were up on the mountain, but it was in an inaccessible area with the winter storage of things and the snow mess. Sooooo, I came home without it. Another setback…another day. I am also having a real bear of a time finding bushings for the Kromski bobbins I am going to make. They are a bastard size, by design I’m sure, or maybe it is because they are made in Poland and they have different standard sizes, but it isn’t SAE or metric. It appears that the flyer shaft measures .315 (thousandths) and 5/16” is .3125 (thousandths) in decimal measurement, so no standard bushings will fit the shaft. I can get special sized bushings, but they will add extra cost to the bobbins, because they are $2.83 each, inflating the cost of the bobbin by $5.66 each just because of the bushings. If I buy a reamer to rework the bore of a regular busing, it will cost me + or - $70.00, so that is out of the question. I must admit, it would be a really, really good way to insure that it isn’t easy for someone to make bobbins to fit a Kromski spinning wheel at a reasonable cost, but I will!!! I’ll find or invent a way!
I was offered a lathe at a reasonable price, so I believe I will call the guy and have him bring it down. It is cheaper than buying a motor, so I’ll just use the motor off of it until I can get the two up on the mountain. That way I can still make my deadline for turning the flywheel for my spinning wheel project.
I wish I felt a little better…I’d think a truck ran over me in my sleep last night if I hadn’t felt a bit crappy when I went up to bed. I think it is the wind and my sinus problem that has given me such a beautiful birthday gift. Who needs either one…At my age; the last thing I need to see is a cold, sinus problems or a birthday. I suppose the cake and some ice cream would always be appreciated any day though…  

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