Wednesday, March 26

I’ll Be Workin’ My Way Back To A Wheel Babe…With A Motor On My Lathe…

Neat Song…fits pretty well with the agenda at hand. I will be picking up my motor at Vick’s brother’s house tomorrow, so I’ll be getting back to the turning of my spinning wheel that is just sitting there now waiting. I have been working on bobbins and drop spindles while I waited…making an order of six for a friend in Massachusetts who will resell them at fiber festivals and shows. I will be making Ashford Jumbo bobbins tomorrow some time after we return from taking Vick’s Mom out to lunch and visiting for awhile.
My KickStarter program is starting to pick up and I’m just waiting for some entrepreneurs to start jumping on the bandwagon. It’s doing pretty well now, so we might just make the goal and hopefully surpass it making it all the more easy to upgrade the lathe and buy other fixtures, tooling and supplies to make the spinning wheels quicker and easier. Take a look below…and if I get the motor and get the wheels spinning, I’ll do another update to the project for all the supporters to see.
Skip's kickstarter project
When we get past tomorrow’s cold weather, we might just be over the winter hump. At least looking at the ten day forecast seems to make it look that way, and the guy last evening on the news was all excited about to warm weather coming. He made mention that we might have seen the last of the nasty winter weather. Man oh man…I hope so.
The Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl is scheduled for this weekend and Vick is ready! She has tons of fiber in the shop ready for anyone who ventures through the door and she had put together art boxes, containing all kinds of fiber and a drop spindle for anyone wanting to pick up a box to make art yarn for a project. We’re on the map, so stop on by. You can pull up the map at

Vick is ready for the Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl this week-end...
The Yarn Art Boxes Vick has made up...Neat Idea!!

The six drop spindles I made for a friend...

The blending board's we make to sell in the farm & fiber shop...
I made this blending board for Vick...

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