Saturday, March 22

For Whom the Bell Tolls…Not Me…Mine Doesn’t Even Ting…

I’ve reached a slight impasse in progress with the spinning wheel. I need 500 to 750 RPM on the wheel for the tooling to cleanly shave the wood away. I can only develop about 50 – 75 RPM with my foot powered lathe, so the tooling grabs and tears the wood. I will be out of business until I get to Vick’s brother’s house to pick up an electric motor he has there. Once I get that motor, I will need to buy a 1” or 1.5” pulley for it depending on the motor rpm’s, to achieve the 500-750 rpm spin on the spinning wheel blank in the lathe.
I can't achieve enough RPM's by hand, so I'll motorize by mounting a motor on the foot pedal and run a "belt" around this  3-3/4" mandrel on the wheel and a 1-1/2" pulley on the motor to achieve 750RPM. That will be suitable for turning. I can run it by hand to do leg spindles because they are small and will rotate fast enough to turn them easily.  
Though it is a failure of sorts…it is still one I can overcome and move on toward machining the wheels. All things considered, the lathe cost me nothing to make, (from old wood I had laying in scrap piles outside) so putting my own motor on it will not be an expense either. I will need to buy a motor pulley, a start stop switch, a belt and some rubber covered wire. Probably less than twenty to thirty dollars total. Where can you buy a lathe for $20 to $30 these days?
SOoooooo, since I can’t turn the wheel just yet, I’m going to concentrate on turning out a ton of bobbins at a ridiculously low price.
Ashford size bobbins made from unfinished Poplar with nylon bushings for 1/4" flyer shaft. $10.00 each, plus shipping & tax
We'll sell them in the store, on our web page and on eBay. I also turned out a few drop spindles to add to what I’ve already made, which are in the shop already.
Standard sized drop spindle. I also make a Jumbo sized one that spins forever....
I’ll make a few for a wholesale order going to Massachusetts and then go back to bobbins. I need to turn out some Kromski style bobbins and then make some Jumbo Flyers for various wheels. There will be enough to keep me busy until I can get up on the mountain for that motor, so I’m not just sitting on my hands waiting.  
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