Thursday, March 20

Here We Go Again…Different Day, Different Problem…

Well……last evening I worked on resolving issues with the round blank and getting it on a new mandrel since the old one cracked at the mounting end where I turned it. It just began cracking as it sat there waiting for the round blank. I guess it was good that it cracked before I used it rather than while I was using it and the wheel would fly off the lathe. What a surprise that would be! Anyway, I turned a new mandrel and left a bit more material on the mounting end this time because it is immaterial anyway because the entire center gets cut out for the spokes and center hub anyway. I could leave the wheel solid or poke a few holes in it like the new ones out there, but then it would not be the beautiful 18th Century styling, creating not only a beautiful spinning wheel, but also a lovely piece of furniture for your home. I don’t want to make a wheel you can spin yarn on, but have to hide when you’re not using it because it is an eyesore. Mine will be a home décor item when not in use.
Okay, next WHACK#1…the screws stripped and pulled out of the foot peddle on the lathe before I could even make the first trim cut to the wheel. I will need to stop by GNH Lumber today and purchase six nuts and bolts to assure that doesn’t happen again before I can turn the wheel.
Now, WHACK #2…The idiot I bought the 4” faceplate from on eBay replied to my message about where my purchase was. He never issued a tracking number and now says it is on back order and I wouldn’t get it until April 9th. I wonder what the excuse would have been on the 9th when it never showed up. I told him to return my money to Pay-Pal and I’ll buy one somewhere else. In the meantime, I’ll suffer through.
I can see I will be making a lot of improvements to my lathe, including possibly motorizing it or at least inventing a belt and pulley system to increase the rotation speed for smoother turning. It’s all an adventure and the foot powered belt and pulley system is more to my liking than motorizing it at this point, but…We’ll see.


Okay, we picked up the bolts for the foot peddle and will install them today and start to turn the flywheel. I also found a four jaw chuck for the wood lathe that only cost me twice as much as the faceplate that I DIDN’T get.
What a bargain and it is already shipped with a tracking number. What a difference in eBay sellers…I should have it soon. I’ll post pictures of the flywheel progress later today. Promise…
Once the flywheel is turned, I’ll make a fixture for the four jawed chuck that will perform the same function as the faceplate would have…only better. I will be able to turn out bobbins of all kinds with lightning speed once I build that fixture. As all this takes place, we are today ushering in spring. HELLO SPRING!! What the hell kept you? So okay now…you’re here, so get with the program and make the flowers POP!!!! We’re still waiting!
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