Tuesday, March 18

Oh Boy…Another Day, Another Heartache…

Last evening we went to Frankie’s in Cairo for corned beef and cabbage. It was a traditional Irish dinner at an Italian pizza restaurant. LOL… Frankie had a fluorescent green tie on with a green pearl necklace, had Irish music playing and a little Irish paper napkin as a centerpiece on each table. It was classic and everyone there (all two tables of us) were laughing about the cultural mix.

When we got home, I went to the basement, made a few drop spindles for Vick to finish up and I started working on my spinning wheel project. It was time to remove the blank from the glue press and cut the 24” circle on the band saw and insert the mandrel and begin turning the flywheel. WRONG!

After cutting the round wheel blank from the square glued stock…and getting ready to install the lathe mandrel to it to begin turning it, I found the mandrel had cracked several places, making the mandrel unfit and unsafe to use. Now I must turn another mandrel today before I can start turning the flywheel. Oh well, it’s only a minor setback and I can turn another mandrel in an hour or so.

Josh will come today to clean and I’ll help him some, so it will be a little later this afternoon before I get to the lathe to begin turning the new mandrel. In the meantime, here is the video of me cutting the wheel blank…

Hopefully, the faceplate for the lathe will arrive today too. If so, I can also turn the scotch tension groove for the Ashford bobbins, completing them to make them available at $10.00 each on-line at our website.
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