Monday, March 17

Time Waits For No Man…But Neither Does Spring…

Time marches on…slowly sometimes, but still…it continues to march on whether we see it happening or not. I’ve never gone to bed and awakened at the same time I went to bed. I guess that is why the phrase “Time waits for no man” was expressed. Time is marching on for my KickStarter program too. I now have two donors and hope they will tell their friends about my project. It will begin to get very interesting this evening. Last night, I finished the glue press, cut and glued my boards and inserted them in the press. They are drying now and will be able to be removed this evening when we return from acupuncture and the days errands. I will remove the 29”x 24” block of wood, trim it to exactly 24”x24” and bore a hole dead center to insert it onto the mandrel I made for the spring pole lathe (remember the lathe video) and insert the mandrel between the centers on the lathe. It will be ready to turn into a spinning wheel flywheel at that point. Vick will be videoing these steps in their entirety.

Hopefully, my lathe faceplate will arrive today too. It will allow me to finish my ten Ashford style bobbins I have started in the basement. Once finished, they will be available in the shop and on-line at this link.

March 29th and 30th is coming soon. Mark your calendars and dig out your maps for the Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl which will be the last Saturday and Sunday in March. We are on the list of participating farms. Vick is diligently working on a few special items for the fiber shop for that weekend. Anyone spending $25.00 or more will get one of our drop spindle key chains. We have fiber tools, raw and processed loose bulk fiber, dyed bulk, roving, batts, rolags and finished yarns from our animals. Also available in the shop is our honey, maple syrup, maple candy, eggs and frozen roasting chickens. Come see the local artisans artwork displayed in the shop too. The farm will be open for tours those two days and Vick plans to have a cauldron of hot apple cider and other goodies too. We’re on the map at 680 West Rd (also route 35), Greenville, NY. Come out and enjoy a day at the farm. You’ll be glad you came when you see Rosie and Allie, the mini and micro-mini donkeys we have along with Lester our Royal Cochin rooster mascot.
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