Thursday, March 13

Spring Is In The Air And Within The Week…Down Here On The Farm…

Spring…that magical time of the year when people’s hopes soar…the sun continues to warm our hearts, souls and bones. After all, it’s time we start looking forward to flowers, birds singing, Easter and the smells of springtime which will ultimately lead to summer. We all wait for this time of the year…especially after a frigid, snowy, nasty winter like we’ve just gone through. Who wouldn’t want that lovely weather that allows for the doors and windows to be open, carrying the fragrance of spring flowers on breezes that gently sway the curtains? Ahhh, the thought of summer…which follows spring so closely, that we seldom realize the transition from one to the other. One day we are looking at spring flowers popping through the sun warmed earth and the next day we are swimming, grilling and basking in the summer sun.
All that sounds great today, as I sit at my desk, looking out onto the snow covered deck, where the present ten degree temperature makes us shiver…yet tomorrow, it will be a projected forty two degrees on that same deck. How fickle the weather can be at this time of the year.
Last evening I ordered fifty nylon bushings along with a drill guide bushing for producing the Ashford style bobbins. I also ordered a face plate for the lathe so I can whip out bobbins and make them at a really affordable price and sell them on-line at eBay and on our website. Once I get this line of Ashford sized bobbins going, I will start on the Kromski style next. After that, I will begin making my own design of a jumbo flyer for both Ashford and Kromski wheels. I will then work on other manufacturer’s designs.

All this will be done along with the implementation of my ongoing KickStarter project and the actual making of the wheels which goes on in spite of success or failure in my quest for funding.
The funding will make it quicker and give donors a feeling of satisfaction by being part of the goal to make people’s dreams come true, for they will be able to buy a spinning wheel at a reasonable price once again. What is my reason for all this? The happiness of giving and enjoying what I do to achieve that happiness. I just love making things like this and when you can do what you love to do and make people happy too…how can you fail? Visit my project often and keep traffic coming to it…donate a dollar…become involved…you can then say I support humanitarian projects that make people happy!

BTW…Vick was in bed all day yesterday with a 101° fever and upset stomach, so she didn’t blog yesterday. I think she will be much better this morning when she gets up, but will not promise she will feel well enough to blog just yet. When she feels better, rest assured she’ll again blog for you all.
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