Thursday, December 18

Okay, we're least for a little while!

So here we are back by popular demand...
It seems like a good time to inform you all that don't follow Facebook, that I now have the above Facebook page in operation and am doing repair work on spinning wheels... Both Saxony and castle style along with great (walking) wheels. I make all the fiber tools on our web site page at:,_llc_019.htm  for sale both in our farm and fiber store here on the farm and on-line from the website. I have sold all over the United States and into Canada so far and will ship anywhere in the world if requested. If you would like to visit my Facebook page, just type click on the link below it will take you there immediately.

Below you can see a few pictures of my latest creations either for sale or made for customers by request.

I made this flyer yoke for a lady
A spare bobbin I made for her too....

I make these Watt Heritage™ Accelerator Heads too. There are very few head makers anywhere around today.

A hackle with the safety cover in place...

This is the hackle exposed. There is a hand comb and clamp in the set....

If you like what we talk about and the pictures we show, why not become a follower? Join at the right by clicking on "Join this site". Also, feel free to leave a message anytime…about anything I write. Skip

073368 Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC

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