Monday, December 22

Giving is Still Much Better Than Receiving....

A few months ago I decided that since I was already making fiber tools and spinning wheels now, I would also offer a repair service for folks with the newer or antique spinning wheels of all kinds. I really didn’t realize the demand for such a service until I began offering it. I also did not realize how many people had the great wheels (also called walking wheels) that were in need of repairs or actually in need of missing parts. With that in mind, I did a little research and found very few people who were making accelerator heads, so I designed and began marketing the “Watt Heritage™ Accelerator Head for all great wheels. Below is a picture of my head which is available at my web site:,_llc_019.htm

Recently I repaired a great little Saxony style wheel by making a new flyer yoke, a spare bobbin and a few minor repairs to the footman link and treadle.

After that, I did a major repair to a great wheel’s axle and wheel bore. I also made an entire new head for it, so when it goes home, it will be a very functional piece of historical furniture which will light up any room in which it is displayed. Pictures below:
I have sold numerous fiber tools to numerous people, including a very nice lady from Canada that had to have her friend translate our conversations throughout the process of getting a hackle to her. She only spoke French, so her friend was our go between. I’ve sold combs and hackles across the country and have found that doing this kind of work and business is something I love. And giving is more rewarding than the money you make.
There is something very gratifying about making something available for someone to obtain that would otherwise remain a wish for them. My wheels are priced to make it a possibility for a person that wants to begin spinning to buy one. I enjoy knowing that I am supplying a service by making parts, wheels and repairs that people can afford and that it helps them achieve a way to get a wheel up and running or to just begin spinning in the first place. I guess it is a feeling that is right for this time of the year…a time for giving.

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