Sunday, February 15

The Winter King Rides Again...And His Ice Spear Cuts To The Bone...

Cold…Jeez, that’s an understatement of what we are experiencing. The wind cuts like a knife (or ice spear) cutting clear through you when it gusts dangerously in these temperatures. 
We just got back from a lovely birthday party at Tatiana's Italian Restaurant in Catskill, where we celebrated our dear friend Lois’ eightieth birthday. There were eleven people in the party for dinner and drinks, with cake and coffee afterward. All had a great time as far as I could tell and everyone wished Lois a happy birthday and many, many more.
The snow is blowing and drifting all over the place. On the way home, occasionally it was hard to see the road for the snow blowing across the open fields and crossing the roadway. The temperature is 10° below zero, but the chill factor with the wind is in excess of 40° below. When I went into the barn to feed and water for the evening, I couldn’t believe how toasty and comfortable it was in there. The animals were comfy and happy…just as they are when it is fifty degrees outside. What a God send the buildings are for the animals.
I’m so happy knowing that God has provided for the wild animals by giving them hollow fiber (hair) in their coats that ward off such temperatures and rain this time of the year. White tail deer lie down in pine groves, curl up and between the ground heat under the snow and the deer’s body heat, it malts the snow under them and they receive the life saving heat from the ground all night long. If it snows on them, all the better, because it will not melt…but creates an insulating blanket to better protect them as they sleep.
Only peoples animals are at risk in this kind of weather…for they are not prepared the way God has prepared the wild animals in the woods. Human’s animals count on them as their keepers to provide and care for them, because that is what God intended when he gave us domestic animals. He told us he made animals for food, work and pleasure, but we were to be their keepers. Many humans fall short of the goal.
Please…if you know of a poor dog that is chained to an outside box in this weather, talk to the owner and convince him to bring the dog into the basement or provide it with a warm shelter having heat lamps or a furnace.

Inside animals need to be inside and outside animals need to be properly sheltered properly too!      

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