Thursday, February 12

Snow, Snow and Snow…

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thank God it snowed this morning (and still is), because the seven foot piles in the driveway were beginning to get dirty!
Seriously, we hardly get the snow cleared from the last storm before we get hit again. This year was a funny one, because just a few weeks ago, we were told that if we continued as we were in December and much of January, we would enter into a dry spring.  Even worse would be the possibility of a summer filled with drought from lack of ground water.
Well…that certainly isn’t going to happen now! Now they say we have had an extremely large snowfall and there is potentially more to come this weekend.
At this point…I say who cares…what’s a little more snow on top of the huge seven foot piles in the driveway already? As long as we can get the tractor out of the shed and clear an opening to drive in and out…pathways between the barns and other buildings, clear a place for the alpacas, donkeys, ducks, chickens and turkeys who cares? The animals certainly don’t. The ducks and chickens are content to walk around in the pathways I make between buildings and as long as I chip a three foot round hole in the pond for the ducks and shovel an entry to it, they are as happy as if it were mid-July.
We have our new layer chicks ordered for spring along with an order for broad breasted white turkeys already. We now know that we won’t miss them this year like the last two. We have decided that the heritage breed turkeys are better suited for laying eggs to sell than for table meat, so we will gather their eggs this summer and sell them and sell the broad breasted white turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas this coming year. We will take orders starting this summer for holiday birds.
Once we get our layer chicks raised, banded and laying eggs next fall, we will have some two year old layers for sale. Lots of people come for live layers and this year we will have some to offer.
We will be offering lots of new things this spring and summer too. One will be a two day spinning weekend course. Two people can sign up for the class and stay here overnight if they wish to do so. We will offer a plein air artisan’s weekend, allowing you to come to relax and paint around the farm, among the animals…staying overnight if you wish also.
Vick is offering stained glass courses too. There is a beginners and an advanced course available and can be arranged by calling Vick. She is also offering Reiki and healing touch appointments and will offer Reiki training courses too.
I continue to make and market fiber tools of all kinds and offer repairs of any and all spinning wheels or fiber tools. Just contact us with your needs and desires at 518-966-5157

    And remember….in only 36 days,
8 hours and 37 minutes...

Spring will arrive!

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