Thursday, January 29

January 29, 2015…What a Lousy Couple of Weeks…

A lousy couple of weeks...but not today! Our Karma is changing from questionable to good...
Today we took off for Bennington Vermont to pick up a new car. Carbone Toyota of Bennington called us yesterday and invited us to trade up (as we usually do every three years) to a 2015 Rav4 because they are having trouble moving cars this time of the year. It helps them by reducing their on-lot inventory and us because they sell us one at cost, saving us a bundle and keeping us in a car that is always under warranty. Now is the time to buy, because it frees up their money sitting on the lot and does away with the interest they pay on those unsold cars in their inventory. Now we get free service, oil and filter every three thousand miles for the next three years and always drive a new car.
While we were gone, the replacement motor for the pellet stove finally arrived. YES…the pellet stove has been down since the last time I wrote about that…The new motor I bought kept kicking out on a thermal overload, indicating a motor issue, (even though it was new) so CSH Electric Motor Supply Inc. made good and sent a 3rd motor free of charge. Tomorrow I will install it.
Vista print did business cards for us about six months ago and we opened the box to find it was cut off center and there was a white borderline at the top and right side. We called them and they immediately placed a free order to reprint the entire order properly. There was no argument and it cost them $48.00 to reprint and ship them to us. They are coming as soon as they are completed.
I believe I am allergic to oak. It seems that every time I go to the basement shop and work with oak, I get a sinus issue and cold like symptoms. It’s a respirator for me when working with oak from now on. (Breathing the sawdust is the entire issue…not touching the wood) Perhaps I will begin using poplar or maple instead of oak when making hackles and combs.

Never buy a horse from a lemon orchard…Several years ago, we went to Lowe’s and bought a Samsung refrigerator. They delivered it and set it into place in the kitchen, got it hooked up and running and left. Before they left the driveway, it caught on fire inside. They came back and found a pinched wire in the door somewhere and replaced the entire refrigerator the next day. In less than a year, it froze up and quit cooling. They came and repaired it. That summer, the ice maker quite working…they came and fixed it. In less than two more years, it froze up again. They came and fixed it. Now it freezes almond milk, but not the regular milk sitting beside the almond milk. They are coming this week to fix it AGAIN. It is not a TV, stereo, radio or CD player; not an electronic item like Samsung is known for…it is a refrigerator…an appliance. Sooooo, don’t go to a lemon orchard to buy a horse! You’ll only get a lemon!!! For the price of this refrigerator you should not have troubles for a couple decades. The odd thing is that there are two separate class action law suits against this refrigerator for this very problem, yet they still sell and work on these things. GO FIGURE!!! 

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