Saturday, January 24

Saturday Jan. 24th 2015...The Snow Came Today…And So Did Some Visitors…

Today started out like any other winter morning with snow starting at daybreak and continuing until around noon. I went to feed and water the animals, but before I got to the barn, I noticed the sun was out and the skies blue and clearing, so I decided to cut everyone loose for the day. The temperature began moderating and it turned into a good day for the animals to be out for a change.
We had a visit from a lady down the road and her son and grandson from the city. They toured the farm, looking at the animals and took some pictures and then checked out the fiber store, bought some goodies and talked awhile.
After they headed back home, I no more than got to the house and we received another phone call from people wanting to tour the farm, seeing the animals and then shop in the fiber store. Their visit lasted about an hour and then they left.
Even with icy, snowy conditions, you never know when folks will want to come and visit the farm. People love seeing the animals and being able to touch them. All too often their visits tend to jar us from the complacency we fall into by taking our everyday lives for granted. What we have every day, many people pay to see and wait long periods of time before they can achieve the thrill of being around these animals.
I hate the snow round about this time of the year…every year…especially the older I get, but the snow continues to cometh and the sun taketh away. The holidays are over and I have no more need for a white covering on the ground, so the sun can’t possibly remove the snow fast enough to suit me. I do realize we need snow for the water tables heading into the spring, but still…I hate the snow. Having a small coating of snow is nice if the temperatures drop sharply, because it protects the ground from really freezing deeply. That always causes havoc with pipes, spring thaws and extends the mud season way beyond where it should last.
I’m ready for spring. I relish the warm sun and all the smells of springtime as the earth begins to awaken from its winter slumber. Let just hope for mild temperatures in the next eight weeks, until spring officially arrives and things warm up for good. Only fifty-four days until spring arrives on March 20th.        

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