Thursday, January 22

If Looks Could Kill…This Weekend Might Be A SAVE For Us.

Two days ago the national weather service was issuing a winter storm warning for the eastern seaboard. It still stands for them, but looks as though it will bypass us for sure.
Yes…we may have dodged the bullet this time with snow, but the cold remains…In fact, it is going to be cold here forever.
Well…maybe not forever, but I predict another dive from winter into summer, because I also predict the Great Lakes will ALL freeze over again (similar to last year) which will insure a really brisk spring, into summer again. As it stands now, I think the Great Lakes are already frozen over more than usual already…and the rest of January is to be far below regular temperature readings for this time of year. With Lake Erie being about 90% frozen already, this will ensure that spring jet streams crossing the Great Lakes later in spring will drop in temperature due to flowing across the frozen lakes…just like temperatures did last year. Thus…it will seem as though it goes from winter, directly into summer without a spring season again. Actually, I believe this is nothing new, because Vick says years ago, when she was just a young girl spending the summers here, they never had a need for air conditioning in the summer; it was always cool in the daytime and cold at night. I believe weather runs in cycles because I remember the same things in Pennsylvania in the late fifties and sixties. I also remember three foot winter snows as a normal thing back then…with extremely cold temperatures.
Well…like I said, if looks could kill…it looks as if the winter weekend for us was killed in its tracks and we’ll only have the low thirties temperatures to deal with…Not SNOW!!
Tomorrow morning, Vick and I will hook up the trailer and head to the quarry for some stone chips. The driveway is a glaze sheet of ice, causing the fiber store to remain closed and curb service for egg customers. I don’t want people trying to get out of their cars to come to the house for eggs, so I meet them at the car and tell them I will deliver eggs to them in their cars. A small drive, $15.00 and a shovel will resolve the driveway issue. Vick can slowly circle the driveway with me in the back of the trailer, shoveling gravel onto the icy driveway like they used to do when cindering the roads in my childhood. This was before the fancy spreader they have now, but it worked back then…and it will work for us tomorrow. We can then open the fiber shop again after that.

I’m feeling a lot better, so we can maybe get back to normal again around here again.   

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