Wednesday, January 21

The Long and Short of It Seldom Holds True In The End…

Long days and short nights…yet it gets light at 6:30 in the morning and is dark around five in the evening, leading one to believe that the darkness is anything but short and days long! We have been having really cold days, yet extremely colder nights…all indicating that we are in the coldest part of the winter. Rightfully so, it is January 21st after all, so it should be cold. Maybe it is the coldest part of winter and maybe it is not (just yet anyway). We’ll just have to wait and watch. The only thing I do know is that we are getting closer and closer to spring…and that pleases me. We have done okay with winter so far, because winter has been kind. Yes, the winter has been cold, but kind in the sense that we have not gotten our usual bazillion inches of snow which Upstate New York and Eastern New England is known for.
It looks as though ol’ man winter is not going to allow us to slip by without whacking us at least once this year and it looks like it’s coming this weekend! The following is posted on the internet weather channels….

"Potential Nor'easter" Warning Issued For This Weekend!

It is coming right up the I-95 corridor from DC, all the way north to Boston…with rain, ice and snow. They say we will be missed north of the Catskills. I say, “Right…we’ll see!”

Don’t fail to look up your snow shovel and high boots.

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