Wednesday, January 21

Step one of the testing Failed and Motor #3 is on the Way…

The pellet stove ran for a half hour wonderfully, and then I increased the auger speed to take the heat output to high. Within forty-five seconds, the motor tripped out on a thermal overload. I knew for sure, because I installed temporary leads to the outside of the furnace/fireplace insert so I could read if there was voltage present when the motor stopped. There was in fact voltage to the motor when the thermal kick-out occurred. 
I called CSH Electric Motor Supply Co. and they immediately sent out another replacement motor and apologized for all of our inconvenience with two defective motors.
And now we wait again…

Though we are saving pellets…we are burning fuel oil…not a good situation with the cost of oil, however CSH impresses me with their customer care policies.

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