Tuesday, January 20

Step one of the testing begins...and we're hoping for the best...

The convection blower snap disc arrived this afternoon in the mail and I installed it this evening to begin the test to see what is actually going on with the pellet stove, which has been down all weekend long…actually since last Wednesday when I shut it down after the convection motor shut down during the regular function of the stove. The burner was burning perfectly…and the exhaust blower was functioning normally when I noticed that the convection blower had shut down. That should not happen until the stove shuts off and cools to 90 degrees. After I shut the auger off, stopping the fuel supply to the burner pot, the fire went out. Within three minutes, the convection blower restarted and began blowing heat out until the stove reached 90 degrees. THAT…should not have happened. As long as the heat in the stove was over 90 degrees, that convection blower should have been running…the very reason I shut the stove off…because it was NOT running. It should not start and stop such as that. I never saw one do that before, so I assumed it was a bad snap disc, so I ordered one. I then began thinking about that and also decided that a motor overload would do the same thing…and reset when the heat stopped, allowing the motor to restart and run until it cooled the stove to 90 degrees.
Now what?…I thought. I installed a flex tube over the motor and directed the cooling air to the motor from the outside of the insert compartment, insuring only cool air flowing across that motor, which would keep it from shutting down due to a heat issue. I also bugged two test leads to allow it to run outside the insert in case it does shut down again. I can then test for voltage to the motor which will indicate a motor shutdown for overload/temperature if voltage is present on the test wires and the motor fails to run. If there is no voltage there, then it’s something else in the circuit. (All this saves me from removing and replacing motors over and over again until I find the problem. So far, everything is working okay. We’re still hoping for the best, with no more problems.

Maybe now I can get back into the basement to work on fiber tools again. (As soon as I feel better, that is). Right now, I think I’m just happy to sit in front of the pellet stove for awhile.

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