Sunday, January 18

Like a Summer Flower stuck in A Winter Snow Storm…

In the last two days, I have felt as out of place as a summer flower in the winter, that’s for sure! I have a sinus drip that keeps irritating my throat, causing me to cough terribly…sometimes without warning. I cannot sleep, because as soon as I fall asleep, the drip occurs and I choke and cough. I have an ulcer on my tongue and one in my lip that is irritated with everything I choose to eat. Some foods make it larger and more inflamed as if there were an air pump hooked to a balloon…like immediately. I have used a Nettie pot with the purchased saline solution and it’s the only thing that helps. If any of you reading this are afflicted with these nasty sinus issues (as I hear many people are right now), try the Nettie pot. It helps to flush your sinuses and helps to kill any bacteria, reducing the time your allergies may last.  
I am now caught up with my fiber tools orders since shipping out the accelerator head to Pittsburgh, so I am working on more fiber combs and table mounts for the fiber store stock so I have them when orders come in. I am ready to design and spec my castle wheel next, as long as I don’t have a new customer order come in. If an order comes in, it takes priority over stock pieces and definitely new design and manufacturing. The biggest problem right now is that when I have time to get into the basement shop, I don’t feel like doing it. I would rather sit on the couch with my eyes closed, and remain still until this crap is done and over with. You need to rest somehow, because with the coughing all night long, you certainly don’t sleep more than a few minutes at a time…if at all. I was so tired this afternoon that I did slip off to sleep while Vick was doing a stained glass class in the basement and everything was quiet. Even with my occasional cough, I must have slept at least a solid hour, but had to get up and go out to feed and water the animals and birds for the evening. That was a miserable 45 minutes until I was finished and closed the fiber store. Now I’m done for the night and will try to relax until bed time. I am sleeping downstairs in the guest room so my coughing won’t keep Vick up all night long. It will only be until the cough subsides and it’s been the better part of five days already. 

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