Wednesday, January 7

1/7/2015...In Winter’s Icy Grip With a Vengeance…

Holy cow, what a change…from a temperature of 55° over the weekend to -1° at 7:30 this morning is unbelievable…and her it is at 11:15, still hovering at a sultry 18° and holding fast with a pretty brisk gust of wind every now and then. I bet the wind chill factor is still below zero. It’s cold enough that none of the animals are going out today. I will stuff their food containers and water buckets to the top and they can ride this crap out inside. Rosie and Boo have been under the heat lamps all morning long…since I got up.
Vick is working with a lady and her daughter on the second day of a stained glass class and sometime today her brother is coming to spend some time. I got the pellet stove working, but fear an exhaust leak inside the fireplace somewhere…probably where the crumby pipe fits over the exhaust section from the insert. I have to pull that apart yet and then I can relight the stove. I also want to get some work done on the Pittsburgh customer’s great wheel accelerator head sometime today.

What better way to spend such a frigid day than working in the basement?    

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