Saturday, January 3

It’s Like Back To The Future…In A Manner Of Speaking…

I think after I replace the corn husk bearings on the great wheel, I’ll brew up some chicory coffee if there is any left. I haven’t been to the trading post in quite awhile, so I’m hoping for the best. When I replace those bearings, Vick can go back to spinning wool again from our sheep, I might repair the rotted stave on the watering bucket and replace the hemp rope bail handle. After that, I’ll make sure the musket is loaded and behind the door in case Vick needs to use it quickly…and I’ll go out to see if I can stalk close enough to get a big buck for the winter meat cache…that is if I can make it down through the slough without stirring up the Indians that are usually hunting in the same bottom of that particular hollow. If I am lucky enough to see that ol' buck and can knock him down with one shot, I’ll take off for home before those red heathens can locate where the shot came from and make it a race back to the safety of  the cabin. Better this way...without a skirmish. Also, the odds of them finding my deer and taking it will be much less, for they would surely find me and the deer if I stayed there to clean the deer. I will go back and get the deer in the darkness, when I can pick it up and get home without the redskins finding or following me. This evening I’ll work on the spindles for the small Saxony wheel I’m making for Vick so she can work faster and create more yarn quicker, making it easier for her to weave material to make my shirts, pants and her dresses and bonnets, after I clean and take care of the deer if I get one. I bet the kettle is hanging from the fireplace right now with a bunch of stew, so I’ll speed up my steps as I go on with my chores and get out there to find my deer.
All too soon it will be dark and I’ll bring my deer in to skin and store it, while Vick cards more wool and continues to spin yarn on that old walking wheel. As she spins, I'll work on making the new spinning wheel for her. When we’re tired, I’ll fix the fire and we’ll blow out the candles and bunk down until daybreak, when we’ll do it all over again.
Ahhhh……and we complain about doing things we need to do today. It’s a simple thing to cook on a gas stove, rather than building a fire and feeding it wood. We just throw the handle on the hydrant in the barn for water, rather than chip a hole in the ice on the creek. Then we feed the guys from containers and bales of hay…rather than go to a corn crib or loft for shocks of hey and corn fodder. We do the everyday chores around here without watching over our shoulder for danger and use all the conveniences that make our lives so much easier than our forefathers… and when we spin and create our spun and woven clothing, it’s a hobby or maybe just a joyful thing to do to revert back a little to the way it was long ago…only with less stress and danger. Little chance Vick or I will be scalped this evening. Still, we strive to do, use and eat things we know are safe, chemical free and healthy…things that are good for our bodies as it was back in the days of the early frontier. We do it to live much longer, safer and healthier than they did, yet if not killed…some of them lived longer than we do now.

Good food, hard work and less stress…that’s what we strive for everyday here on the farm and try to pass on to our friends about us, with our farm goods, fiber tools, fiber and yarns…
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