Friday, January 2

Happy New Year!!! We Made it to Today…2015…Yippee…

Do you believe it??? New Years is such a suckie holiday when people spend un-necessary money and cost taxpayers excessive costs with cleanup such as above...all through New York City the day after, when everyone who was there looks like the picture below and they are usually broke…What is wrong with people?
Now what? The Holidays are over. Now we head into the long, cold, miserable winter. YUK!!! I’m just full of freakin’ New Year Happiness aren't I? Oh well…that’s me, get used to it... 
Today I spent the morning lounging around for a little while, and then went to the barn to say "Happy New Year" to all the animals awaiting their morning hay and pellets. Hmm, speaking of pellets, I decided I needed to resolve the pellet stove dilemma until the guy calls tomorrow and sends me a new motor. It’s too cold to not have the stove running, even if it is limping along on its last breath.
I finished the animals, let some of them out and headed for the house and the coffee pot.
I started to tear the stove apart even further than I had before, removing the exhauster motor too. It was getting tight and squeaking a little, indicating that it needed oiled or something to keep breathing too. The stupid company that manufactured the blower installed the motor upside down, placing the oil ports on the underside. I can tell you positively, that I have never seen oil run uphill on anything! I removed the motor and turned it 180°, moving the oil ports to the top, oiled it well and reinstalled it in the stove.
I stopped to close the animals in at dusk, as usual…and after feeding and watering, stopped for dinner. We had pork and Sauerkraut with Kielbasa and mashed potatoes. That was more delicious than the fancy dinner we had for New Year’s Eve at the restaurant down the road…and a fraction of the cost. After dinner, I cleaned everything else on the pellet stove and redid the oilers on the convection motor and reinstalled it too. I then put everything back together and restarted the stove. We now have a quiet operation and HEAT!! 
And I thought I would relax for New Years Day. Ha,ha,ha,ha…RIGHT!
 Yeah…well, it’s now 11:43, so that’s it for today… Maybe tomorrow I can do a little work in the basement working on fiber tools before we go away in the afternoon. Below are a few pictures to show you what I’ve been making for sale in the fiber store. Check these items out.

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