Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year…and I Pray To God It Is…

This morning I got up with the intensions of going to the basement and working on fiber tools…with a cup of coffee in hand…FINALLY...being able to comfortably and peacefully work without tension, because I was all caught up elsewhere on the farm. All I needed to do was stop at a reasonable time and leave the animals out (if the temperature moderated a little when the sun was up)
When I came down the steps, into the living room, it was immediately evident that that was NOT going to happen and today would start like every other lousy day for me…
Forget New Years Eve being the fun, relaxing day I was anticipating, leading up to a nice dinner with friends this evening…close to home of course, with an early return home to beat the drunks driving.
Nooooooooo…forget that idea pal…Having no mercy on me, I was very immediately greeted by the sickening smell of super-heated metal, indicating a problem with the pellet stove. AGAIN!
Upon checking for the cause, I found the convection motor was not running AGAIN…This motor is only a few months old, as I replaced the old one back in November because the bearings were bad. Now it has stopped again for some reason, on the coldest day of the year and New Years Eve to boot! Oh well, maybe no one should have a free moment to themselves to enjoy the day doing something you would like.
It’s a fairly simply system…so I cannot imagine why a new motor failed to operate properly for the years one would expect it to. I’ll make a complete mess of the living room by extracting the insert out of the fireplace opening, tearing the stupid thing apart and seeing what I can do to get it fixed and running again. Now that you all know what I will be doing shortly…and for the rest of the day…you all have a very safe and Happy New Year…
Well…It’s 21° out there, I need to work on that pellet stove!!

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