Sunday, December 28

What Do You Choose To Do On New Year's Eve......

Morning everybody! I say morning because it isn’t the nicest morning by any means, with looming clouds causing severe darkness…enough so that the outside night lights came back on. It will surely rain…and rain hard the way it looks, but we are alive, so I guess that actually makes it a good morning. So, I retract my first statement and replace it with: Good morning everyone!
Soon some folks will be awaiting the drop of the ball at Time Square in New York City…others will be crowded around their televisions to watch it. Some people will not care except to get either a little tipsy with booze and some will become comatose with alcohol. What a way to start a New Year or usher out the old one, by being an ass around your friends, or any other number of things you could become, from making yourself a loud mouthed nuisance, all the way down the scale to the bottom dwellers like vehicular murderers.
Vick and I will enjoy an early dinner with some friends at a local restaurant…closest to home…and leave the restaurant with the same blood alcohol level we went in with, being home and nestled in by eight PM at the latest…long before the drunks start mixing with innocent victims whose lives will be changed forever due to their meeting. No thank you…we’ll stay home, relax and enjoy our life without the partying and booze. I'm not a prude, or against drinking, but if we have a drink for New will be here at home when we don't have to drive anywhere...not at a bar when we have to drive home.
For all those of you who do enjoy meeting and having a good time with friends into the wee hours of the morning after the ball drops…here’s wishing you a safe, prosperous and happy New Year!
(And no hangover on New Year’s Day)
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