Sunday, October 12

Sun Morning Oct. 12th... The morning after.....

Yesterday we took a lengthy trip to Newfane to see their annual Heritage Festival, which, in my opinion needs to have a little better planning done before next years event rolls around. First of all, they need parking. It was a very nice drive to their event until we got to within 1 1/2 mile of the event, where we sat in stopped traffic and it took 1 hour and 7 minutes to then go that last 1 1/2 mile to find there were no parking spots for the thousands of people yet coming. They need to take an area, near the school or somewhere on a farm and park cars and shuttle people to the event. They have one road road out and when people waited in traffic an hour to find no parking, most did as we chose to do and that was get pissed off and immediately drove on by. When you get to the festival pictures below, pay attention to all the "No Parking" signs. They force you to park outside the town and walk in. It was beautiful up there in the mountains though. Following are more pictures I am posting for you to see how beautiful and quaint the towns still are. Enjoy!

The last four pictures are comical because we were traveling down this well traveled road, whe I missed our turn, (which the GPS announced, but looked like a old mountain road) so we recalculated the GPS, which tells you the easiest way to get back on the right road, and it said to take the next sharp right. We did that and it looked like the dirt road was going to take us right back to the road we had just missed. We traveled 400 yards on a well used dirt road, then went onto a little used dirt road, to a grassy woods road you see, to the the dead end deer trail at a creeks edge, in the last picture. I had to back out about 100 yards to turn around and re-trace our steps all the way back to the road we originally missed and then we were on our way again.
Today, I expect the guy to pick up the six roosters we boxed up last night for him. We had these roosters for a good while and they caused no problems, but now.....they are growing more and more agressive with the females and other small male Bantams and they must go. I am going out soon to release all the other critters for the day because Vick and I will work around here today, trying to complete more of the planned things needing done before cold weather really grips us hard. We know it's coming soon.

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