Saturday, October 11

Sat. Eve Oct. 11th... Back home after a day in the North!!

We are finally home and my butt hurts from sitting! It was a long day, a long ride and coming home was looking into the sun the whole way, but we really enjoyed ourselves today.We stopped just outside Bennington at the Apple Barn & Country Bakery for a cup of coffee & an apple brownie. (also a mid-way, regular, pee stop) After that, we made it to Newfane, but didn't get out to see anything because it was such lousy planning for an annual event. We use a GPS unit when we travel, which actually has a mileage countdown to let you know how close you are to each turn or the destination. We got to 1.93 miles of the event and traffic came to a standstill. We inched that last 1.93 miles in the next hour and 7 minutes, then when we finally got there, we saw why it took so long......there was no parking. ANYWHERE! People just sat on the road in their cars waiting for someone to tell them where to park until they finally figured that no one was going to tell them anything, got pissed and just drove away. Occasionally, someone got in a car and pulled out to leave and if you were close enough grab the spot you parked.......if not you left.

The Apple Barn (right on Vt 7 from Bennington) See the moose?

Beautiful mountain views up here!!!!

Beautiful houses in the middle of town

Notice the No Parking Sign!!!!

We didn't park.....We left!

After getting out of there, we headed for Salem where we would only be a stones throw from the Garden Works......which is where Vick really wanted to go anyway, so we headed over there. We arrived and saw some of the program, looked around at the nice things they offer for sale, grabbed some Vermont cheese and some maple roasted peanuts and headed for home. Have you ever used a GPS system to find your way around while traveling? They are the greatest thing. as long as you can learn a few minor adjustments you must make when changing your destination, but they are not as failproof as some would have you believe. Below is a series of four pictures where we were just putting down the road (as you can see) and the GPS says turn right in 500 feet. I missed it, so the machine says, "off route......recalculate?" So we punched yes and it recalculated and immediately said "Take the next sharp right.".....which I did and we found ourselves on a dirt road, then a grassy road, the a ATV road, then a deer path which took us to within 30 yards of the road I missed, but without a jump gear in the car, I doubted we would make it across the creek bed between. Back we went all the way to the correct road and then continued on. Just look at the pictures!!!!!!!

One minute on the right road and the next.......

We were Here!!!!!

When we got home, we gathered eggs and checked on all the critters, let the dogs out to run and ate. Now we are going out to catch a bunch of roosters to give to a friend that will take them tomorrow morning. Good Riddance to the roosters that won't leave the Bantams alone!

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