Sunday, October 12

Sunday Eve, October 12th… Lights in the feed room and a receptacle……

Today was a day like any other day except that it wasn’t any other day……it was today! I worked in the barn most of the day after the fellow came and picked up six of our young Rhode Island red roosters. He was pleased to get them and will be back the Sunday after next to get five or six more which we are eager to get rid of. After a day of not being constantly harassed by roosters, the hens laid 15 eggs combined, between the new and old barns. The yearling hens we got this April, May and June, are due to start laying eggs anytime now through the next two months. We should actually receive about 3 to4 dozen eggs a day when all the layers start to produce.

After lunch, I started installing a light & switch in the feed room, then a receptacle for the refrigerator in the Wilson House, which we will move to the new barn, I made a 36X40 pad for it to sit on under the steps, next to the feed room. We will keep the Penicillin or any other vaccines in there and the eggs that are for sale. Once the Hospice House is built next spring, we can sell eggs and home made butter in there and grab them from the big refrigerator in the barn. We can also keep soda’s and water in there.

Tomorrow, we are going to a job on the mountain to make a parts list so we can install a furnace for some people. We need to install it, hook it up and manufacture a heat distribution box, a cold air return box and possibly a register trunk box. Should be a fun job basically…… As if we don’t have enough of our own stuff to do, but the money’s good and that’s what we do. If there isn’t a morning blog it is because I went to do this and we’ll blog later with nice fall pictures from the mountain…………

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