Tuesday, October 21

Ellipsis…What a neat word… What a neat site… What a neat idea!!

Just went to read one of the blogs we follow which is, Life on a Bison Farm at http://wwfbison.blogspot.com/ There I saw a link to a site (http://ellipsissuddenlycarly.blogspot.com/) which has a ton of beautiful photographs of anything you can imagine, including a photo shoot assignment which looks fun. They do different photo shoot every week and this one is reflections. I think we will submit the following reflection:

We reflect upon the life God gave us together… on land we love with God’s creatures we care for.

If you think this idea is neat too…..just go to her site, join and give us a look at your photos too.
This morning is a dreary one…. So we won’t mind working on the furnace to get it done, then come home and work around the barn a little unless it is raining hard. We didn’t turn the critters loose because that is what caused the sickness last time. They all stayed out in the rain all day until they caught contagious Bronchitis and we lost a bunch of chickens and a turkey over that. Now when they are calling for rain, they stay in the roofed outside runs.

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