Monday, October 20

Monday Eve, Oct. 20th… How warm today and cold at sundown!!

Talk about a severe temperature change…. Be in our back yard when we put the chickens away some evening. It goes from about 59 degrees with the sun still up, but as soon as the sun dips below the horizon, the temperature starts to drop like a rock and doesn’t stop until it reaches the 21, 20 or 19 degree mark. It has been 19 degrees every morning since Thursday.

We went and installed the biggest part of the furnace for the people on the mountain, but as a favor to Vick’s brother really. It wasn’t worth the pay with all the running around and stuff I wasn’t told I would have to do, like convert the burners from natural gas, convert the regulator, check for nox screens in the burner tubes, Cut in a return air duct, cut in a fresh air supply line and a vent exhaust line. I didn’t know it was a gas stove….. As most are fuel oil…… especially on the mountain where there is no natural gas. A gas furnace uses too much propane in the winter when the temperature is down in the minus numbers up there. I hope the people don’t always find the propane tank empty and everything frozen up or just frozen up because they shut the furnace off when they go home. Either way, I think propane is the wrong way to go up there. Below are some pictures of the installation as it progresses. We should finish up as far as we can go tomorrow. Then the contractor needs to cut in the return air duct opening through the stone floor and lay the register grill.

Here's the filter box & elbow we made for the furnace.

An extension piece of 8 x 20 duct

This is the plenum distribution box. This is what I was told I would make

More extension ductwork

Here, I install one of the filter tracks at the bottom

securing the bottom to the side.

Here are the filters. Four of them for $2.59 ... about .65 each.

Sitting in the lower filter track.

Now, I'm installing the top track

Both tracks and filter are installed and ready for the collector box.

Here we install the filter box and elbow over the filter & tracks.

You can also drop in a 10 x 20 pre-filter under the cover where the tape is.

The filter box and elbow is now in place on the furnace.

Her I am installing the plenum heat distribution box. See the large 8x20 duct and two 6" ducts.

I took a shot or two of the pellet stove and the living room.

Our dogs benefit more from the living room than Vick or I do....... We're never in there!

Art work and antique slag glass lamps in the living room, by the grandfather's clock.

Vick's little electronic horse until she gets the real deal.

This is Tina Faye, Timmy and (the late) Tina.

Another kudos for the Penicillin we gave Timmy for about two weeks. We just got a few gobbles out of him today and he puffed up his feathers again for us. In another day or two, he should be back to normal just like Tina Faye. I wish we would have know what to do for Tara before she was too sick to treat. Here’s a picture of the three of them before they got sick.

Bear with me on this blog stuff. I have no idea why some of the text is underlined....why there are large spaces between things or why the text for pictures are to the side on some or under on others. I've tried to control the text, but this has got to be the most unfriendly blog program ever made.

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