Monday, October 20

Monday, Oct 20th... Yowl...It's 57 degrees in here!!

Man O’ man it’s cold in here!!! I didn’t release the critters yet because it’s so cold out there. As soon as the sun is up a little and cuts the chill, we’ll leave them to run free like the want to, but not just yet. I just finished building a fire in the pellet stove to knock the chill off in here too. This is the first morning We had to fire the stove up and it feels pretty darned good. We have been using the fireplace up in the studio at night and lots of covers and haps on the bed. Let those Arab butt holes drink that black tea they charge so much for. We haven’t fired off the oil furnace in the basement yet and don’t plan on doing it any too soon. I wish those middle east countries would drown in their own oil and I object to buying it and making them any richer in their bid to buy America and ruin us. I want to revert back to wood and do away with the oil all together, even though it is much more work. At least when I buy wood from a local, I’m putting the money into their pockets and hopefully it will circulate among the community market and job market here, rather than taking a fast flight to a foreign market.
Looks like we will finish the furnace installation today if we can. I believe the contractor is going to be there today, so he can cut our register into the stone floor, so we can get the cold air return hooked up and the furnace running. Gotta get this done so we can winterize the duck house and outside runs of the ducks and chickens before the snow files. They say we might see snow in a few more days here, north of us and on the Catskill mountains. Yuck!!

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