Saturday, November 29

Sat. Nov. 29th… Reflections of Thanksgivings gone by……

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I just read a blog post from Patrick on his blog which I follow at and he hit the nail on the head with the blog title “Thanksgiving is not a Norman Rockwell painting” which reminds us that there is far more to Thanksgiving than the impression of Indians and Pilgrims sharing a late fall meal because they just wanted to party. It was to give thanks…… for friendship, understanding and surviving the previous year of winter, hard work and the success of harvesting enough food to hopefully make it through their coming winter. They also were grateful for their new life away from the world they left behind. Yet given a few years later……the meaning was gone with fighting, bickering and killing between the very people that created and held that first Thanksgiving meal.
How many of our children really know what meaning the day of Thanksgiving truly holds? Actually, how many adults really know or keep the true meaning……… just like Christmas……… which has turned to a commercially important day to anyone trying to run a business and come out in the black at the end of the year. Christmas, starting on Black Friday, is the beginning of the “commercial dollar run”, which ends on Christmas Eve.
Does anyone still share the thoughts of Patrick? Do they look back at what they had and experienced in life? Do they ever feel fortunate to have been lucky enough to find the love of their life and make memories by spending their lives together?
Does anyone ever look back at lousy times and express any gratitude for the new found happiness they now have and enjoy?
Go to Patrick’s blog entry and read it…… read the heartfelt meaning of life and love of family from someone fortunate enough to understand what he has and is truly made rich by the realization!

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