Sunday, November 30

Sunday, Nov. 30th… Ushering in December in style!!! Yuck!!

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I checked the weather this morning and it said we would have a few flurries and some rain this afternoon, late…. Well, they missed that, because looking out the window, I see we have been thrust into the clutches of winter and we went unwillingly! It is not raining…… nor is it flurrying…… it is more like giving us one of those all day, easy, steady, accumulating snows that justifies your saying, “Yep….. That’s a really nice six inches of rain showers we got there.” It’s not all that cold as I look at the thermometer on the porch and compare it to the flashing web alert on my computer, which shows 31 degrees and falling. We just got back from Cairo, where we went to pick up a ton of wood pellets to beat the weather. I had seven bags on the porch and another eight in the tractor shed, but that is only enough for two weeks, so now with an additional fifty bags, we can expect to go sixty five more days now. That’s a nice feeling and we can gauge what we will need to get by toward spring and have plenty of time to go get them later. Well, I guess we could find a bite to eat and then spend the rest of the afternoon putting the Christmas tree up. I am looking forward to the Christmas season……am listening to Silent Night by Alan Jackson right now and it has a tendency to put you in a cheery holiday mood. The only thing I dread this year is Casey Mae who will have the tree de-trimmed shortly after we finish putting it up and by tomorrow morning should have it dragged into her crate in the living room for safe keeping! I know she is going to do it, because she is a hyper puppy…. What else can she do? She has to be what a dog has to be!! I guess the worst that could happen is that she would eat the bulbs if we hang any…..other than that, we should be ok. Maybe that is the answer, put the tree up with only lights and nothing else. Then there will be nothing she can strip off and chew. Problem solved. (Unless she DOES put it into her crate!)

Remove Formatting from selectionAnd the snow still falls…… uhhh, I mean the rain is sprinkling…… and accumulating…… another 10 hours and 19 minutes and it will be December! If this isn't ushering in the traditional holiday season, I don't know what would!

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