Thursday, November 20

Thursday, Nov. 20th… It has warmed up a little…to 26 degrees…

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How nice…. We’re in a heat wave! It’s 26 degrees out there this morning and no wind. I’d love to let the animals out if we weren’t going to the hospice program and leaving just before dusk, so the animals will have to stay in their nice warm runs today. The sun isn’t shining, so I don’t get that cheery feeling I usually get when I look out over the Pupskill Lake Pond and the ice covering is less than inviting. The only good thing is that we have a small duck pond right outside of the duck house that is spring fed and will not freeze until we have an extended week of extremely low temperatures throughout the entire day…..then it might freeze over and the ducks are done swimming for awhile. Last year it was frozen over about two full weeks……the rest of the time the ducks could swim. We think they’re crazy……swimming in water that is close to 32 degrees when it’s even colder outside, but I guess that’s what ducks do. I know the chickens are contented to stay inside as long as they have good, clean water and lots of food. On these cold nights when it dips to 12 degrees. The chicken & duck house stays about 40 degrees, but the barn has been dropping to around 32 degrees. Last night after all the heat lamps were plugged in, all the animals had access to heat if needed, but most seemed fine without it……… at least they didn’t all congregate under the heat lamps anyway. I think today will be a relaxing day in front of the pellet stove, sucking up the heat until it is time to leave this afternoon around 4:30 or 4:45 pm.

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