Friday, November 14

Friday Nov. 14th…Messages from the unknown.................

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Voices from nowhere… obviously in your mind…silently whispering in your ear, a message of interest sometimes not of your liking. Ever wonder why you hear them and why the messages are so intense? Not intense in loudness…..but one of a constant desire or reminder….A pull to do something or go somewhere for some, unknown reason…. One that only reveals itself after all the whispers are adhered to. Usually the entire urge is displayed in a relatively short period of time…… a distinct revelation that is then easy to understand….sometimes, on rare occasions, the purpose of your journey is not disclosed to you in a length of time we deem appropriate or reasonable, yet we continue on, faithfully seeking out the intent of the journey. Once you answer these “calls to follow”, you feel a partial fulfillment of the past vision, which then allows the next apparition to unravel before you. This happens to Vicki and I a lot. An example of this is our shared desire to support the hospice program in our area, which has culminated from Vicki’s devotion to the hospice program as a retired hospice nurse, the death of her first husband, Carl, due to pancreatic cancer and my Mom’s hospice journey, after a brave, thirty-seven year battle with cancer too. All this, explains our devotion to such a humanitarian program, which has resulted in the formation of Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc. and the Hospice Gift Shop we are building next spring here on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm property. We hope to raise substantial sum’s of revenue for the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State in the Columbia-Greene County chapter.
This is our final and most loving gift to those neighbors around us and we feel blessed to help provide that care.

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