Friday, December 19

Friday, Dec. 19th… The snow falls and the furnace quits!!!!!!

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This morning started off better than I thought…… It was almost 12:00 noon before the snow started to fall. Very, very fine at first and then harder and heavier as the time progressed. I went to the barns and fed all the animals and gathered eggs, processed them and then loaded 16 dozen into a box and brought them into the house and placed them in the basement refrigerator so we didn’t have to venture out into the storm, should someone want eggs. I didn’t do it just because of the storm…… but when someone in the evening comes for eggs, we needed to don our coat, walk out to the back of the barn, get the eggs and come back into the house. I figured, why not bring a bunch in and put them in the basement, so we could just run down there and get them. It also gave me more room for newer eggs out there.
It’s nice to know that the car is under the barn office, out of the snow and when it is done snowing, all I have to do is run the snow blower as usual and open a spot to the car and when we go somewhere, we don’t have to scrape the windshield or broom snow off of the car anymore. I’ll still have to clean off the truck, but we seldom use it for anything except hauling farm supplies like feed or lumber, etc.
Once again, I apologize to all our faithful readers for being so late, but in the middle of everything, Vick informed me that the heat wasn’t working, so I check the furnace and sure enough, it had kicked off on safety. I hit the reset button and it ran, but didn’t light. Uhhhhhh boy……… here we go…… another gotta fix. I’d just as soon be sitting on the couch in front of the pellet stove, but we need to be sure the furnace works, because it is what heats our water…… no furnace…… No shower…… No Backup HEAT EITHER!!!!!! I figured it was a shorted nozzle or possibly a plugged nozzle…..either way, we are not going to drive anywhere to get one. When I took it apart, I found many pieces of black carbon, crap all over the nozzle tip, bridged across the electrodes, shorting them out which will not ignite the oil mist. Whew….just a cleaning task…..the nozzle is ok. I cleaned the nozzle tip, the probes and replaced everything and started it up. Whooooof and away we went!!! Now it is starting so quickly and smoothly that you’d think I did a $150.00 repair. Whoopee… pocket change for Christmas instead of a repairman’s pocket!!
Oh…… by the way.. I made a boo boo a few days ago when I stupidly blogged that “I” would build the Hospice Gift Shop in the spring. It should have said “WE” will build the Hospice Gift Shop in the spring! It was (rightfully) brought to my attention that everyone will think that I do all the work and Vick does nothing. If anyone thinks that……they are extremely WRONG! She is usually right there beside me doing exactly what I am doing and sometimes more of the physical labor as I figure out what comes next, so be advised…… Vicki and I will build the Hospice house with our own hands this spring. But right now…..the snow continues to fall…… There’s five inches out there right now….

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