Thursday, December 18

Thursday Eve, Dec. 18th… We’re finished & ready for the SNOW !

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Well, this morning we got around and after feeding the animals and turning them loose to enjoy the sunny day, knowing that tomorrow is going to be a bummer, we moved all the boards that were in the yard to the undershot of the barn, on the pasture side, so they would be out of the weather for the winter. Doing so, did both protect the 10” boards and batten strips and opened the yard area so we could park the car under the barn office, out of the winter weather. I hate brooming frozen, crusted snow off of the car and windshield, so doing this is very pleasing to me and I sure don’t mind walking to the barn to get into a clean car.
I got my mom’s Christmas tree on the potting shed porch and the lights around the outer edges of the potting shed, so we now have some Christmas Cheer going. The pine boughs for the fence is on the front porch, so we can string and wire them into the garland and drape the garland all along the front fence. I’d like to string a few lights on the barn, at least around the bottom entry or on the fence with the garland.
The snow is to start around 9:00 AM tomorrow and go until 1 AM on Saturday, accumulating 7 to 14 inches. Yuck! I’ll start the snow blower tomorrow. I know the tractor with the bucket is ok, because we had it running today. I think I’ll just sit the storm out and watch from the pellet stove area!
Everybody keep warm now!!!

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