Thursday, December 18

Thursday, Dec. 18th… 5 days till Christmas… do you know where your brain is????

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Do you find yourself walking in circles? Do you hear yourself asking questions… offering the answer and then thinking, “What the hell do they know… they're asking all the questions?” Perhaps you do as Vicki and I. We rush and dodge people at the malls, on the street… in the stores and then finally stop and look at each other before one of us finally has the intestinal fortitude to ask, what the hell are we looking for again? Sometimes the answer eludes us for a moment, then my dad’s philosophy comes flying to the rescue.. ahh yeah.. FOOD. We need to find a place to eat!!! Seriously, it is sad, but we have been running all over the place, buying and arranging for a Christmas Eve party here at our house, buying food and party snacks, blogging about it and doing very little to find ourselves in the holiday spirit. Quite honestly, this is the first year, ever…… in my, almost 58 years of existing, that I have not had at least a little bit of the holiday cheer…… I feel like I did in September…… I’m certainly not ready for Christmas.
I do know that today, I am putting my mom’s Christmas tree on the potting shed porch and plugging the lights in, because I made that promise to her before she died. I said that I would positively put up a Christmas tree, especially for her each year. I said originally, it would be on her grave… but that was before moving eight hours away from there and besides, Vick and I have both felt and heard her presence here in the house, so why would I place a tree on her grave, where an old worn out body rests, when her spirit is right here with us? Dad has re-married a lovely lady, and I believe, a portion of my mom's spirit has also taken residence within her, so mom doesn't have to worry about him and can reside here too. (
I hear my mom in her… and I swear, I think it was a way to watch over dad from beyond) Anyway, I’ll put up the tree today, string the lights and help Vick tie and hang the garland we are gonna make out of the white pine boughs we cut. It is supposed to be partly cloudy today, but tomorrow is gonna be a miserable winter day starting around noon with heavy snow accumulating 7 to 14 inches before midnight. The Friday evening commute will be deadly, with whiteout conditions being projected for that time. They estimate that approximately 5:00 is to be the time of heaviest snow fall.... at a rate of 1 to 2” an hour at that time. I thank God Vicki and I are retired and do not have to travel in times such as this. So…… I guess today is the day! Mess up today and we’ll not “Git err’ Done”.

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