Monday, December 29

Mon. Eve, Dec. 29th… Working in the barn after running around…

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We did go to get Vicki’s glasses adjusted…… both pairs! We called and Richard was in today at the Albany store, so we decided to go to the office in Troy. It’s about the same distance I suppose, but it’s far more easy to get there than the one in Albany. We drove right into the lot, had both pair adjusted in a matter of minutes and left very happy! Imagine, Richard couldn’t do in two hours what they did today in ten minutes!!!!
On the way home, we stopped at the Agway store and bought almost 40 egg cartons so I had somewhere to put all the eggs we are gathering…… Very few people are bringing the cartons back, so I’m going to have to raise the price of our eggs to $2.50 per dozen and if you bring boxes, I can sell them for $2.00 a dozen. It’s a lot easier to reduce the price when someone brings boxes back, than to tell them that the eggs cost more for them because they didn’t bring any boxes back. So from now on, our eggs are $2.50 per dozen. When we got home, we went to the barn and boxed eggs we had in the refrigerator in a big basket, so all we had to do was transfer them from basket to boxes and put them back into the frig! After finishing the eggs, we moved things around in the barn, built a bottom door and As I held it into place, Vick installed the hinges. We then placed plywood on the sides of the stairs to close them in. Now the chickens and turkeys cannot get to the loft anymore or roost on the steps and fill each step with dodo. How Nice!!!! Tomorrow we have no place to go, so I will start in the barn early and pull wires, mount switch boxes, light boxes and be ready to mount the fixtures so we finally have lights outside. We will also finish the stall for the Alpacas and add a hay feeder, Somewhere along the line. I also want to revise the bunny cages that are mounted on the wall and install catch pans underneath them. I guess that’s enough for tomorrow and maybe the entire week!! Let’s see how well we can do.
Finally......You’ll notice if you look to your left, just above my followers, a Donation button now exists where you can help raise money for Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc., our not-for-profit corporation, that we created, to benefit the Columbia-Greene county Hospice and Palliative Care program. Your gift of love to a hospice patient, is probably the last loving gift those patients will ever receive except for the loving, received from their family before their passing. It’s a good feeling to help provide the care and maintain their dignity as they approach departure from this life. You can see our hospice hearts that are for sale at our web site by clicking on (visit our hospice page) A paid receipt will be provided by mail for tax purposes. Thanks.

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